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Man Can

October is here, and while it has been unusually warm lately, I can feel deep in my bones the beginning of another Utah winter. As I look back on the past few months, I need to thank the beer that became a summer night staple: Miller High Life.

High Life came out with a new look this summer, which was covered by Michael Williams at A Continuous Lean. A huge inspiration to my blogging venture, A Continuous Lean always delivers great content, and should be a part of your daily internet routine. Anyway, what made High Life my beer of choice this summer was the 32 oz. can. Being a beer drinker in Utah isn’t always easy. Domestic beer is limited to 3.2% alcohol content. Oppression. While imports and full-strength microbrews can be purchased at a state-run liquor store, the beer is expensive and sold unrefrigerated. Oppression! Because of this, and the fact that I’m a 20-something struggling to keep on my grind during these trying times, quantity over quality often becomes the main factor in beer consumption.

The 32 oz. can is less assuming than the classic 40 oz. bottle (which doesn’t exist in Utah anyway). Plus, it’s just fun to drink beer out of such a large can. at a price of $1.69, the 32 oz. Champagne of Beer is the most delicious and economical way to enjoy a summer evening.

It’s not like I’m going to stop drinking beer once the snow falls, but the 32 oz. may have to be to retired. Holding 32 ounces of cold beverage in a frosty aluminum can during the winter just doesn’t sound that appealing. Maybe if I wear gloves…



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