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After a brief hiatus, the blog is back for 2011. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Dave Matthews Band. It was recently announced that after 20 years on the road, Dave will NOT be touring this year. I know, right? Not chill.

For as long as I can remember, the Dave show has been the highlight of each and every summer. Sure, the 4th of July is great and all, but John Philip Sousa can’t hold a candle to Dave’s groovy jams. Back in the day, my bros and I would pick up a couple 30-racks, corral the Jeeps in a big circle, and tailgate hours before the concert. Once the show would start, the real party kicked in. I remember this one time, a girl in front of us asked me to hold her North Face fleece while she smoked a cigarette. She didn’t want her mom to smell the smoke on her when she got home. Long story short, we ended up making out while Dave played “Crash” during the encore. I was supposed to meet up with her later that night at a bonfire party, but I never saw her again. That’s just the kind of crazy stuff that goes down at a Dave show.

Not this year.


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