Dynamic Duo Dispense Dew

During the Duration of last week, the Dew Tour Descended upon the Downtown District, Dragging Dozens of Dudes and Dudettes from the farthest Deserted Desert Demographics. These Dyrdek-Dressed Droids came by the Droves to Divulge their Dreams and Desires of becoming Dirt bike Demigods. Decked out in DC, these Delinquents quickly became Dehydrated, Directing their Diaphrams to Demand Dew. Luckily, Dos Dickheads were Down for the Dirty Deed. Dropping to their knees, Dummies Drenched their Domes in the Deliciousness that is the Dew. Damn it was Demeaning.


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One response to “Dynamic Duo Dispense Dew

  1. shae

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…thank god for the dew tour.

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